The GIS Lessons and Tools for a New Energy Generation is designed to provide teachers with activities and resources to explore wind and solar energy in the classroom. There are already a number of great lessons available that focus on various aspects these types of energy sources. The lessons and supporting resources found here use geographic information systems (GIS) to get students to think about characteristics that influence the use of the sun and wind for the production of electricity in New York State.  These lessons have been designed so that someone with little or no experience using GIS can incorporate these into their classroom by selecting the right supporting resource to use.

Four lesson plans have been developed that use GIS to study and explore a variety of factors that can influence the electrical production from these two sources. We recognize that there are a number of factors that influence the actual siting and development of Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Farms and we do not intend for these lessons to include or cover all of these factors. The lessons are designed to get students to think about just some of the factors and the relationships between them. These lessons also ask students to think about other environmental, social, and financial factors that can influence the construction or development of Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Farms in different parts of the state.


The Lessons

Of the four lessons developed, two explore wind, one examines solar, and one provides an overview of our nationís electrical energy status. In order to use the lessons, you must select which supporting resource you would like to use.

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School Power...Naturally Program

The School Power…Naturally program is an innovative program from the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) that is designed to educate New Yorkers about energy, and, in particular, the role solar electric power – photovoltaics, or PV – can play in providing clean energy for our homes, schools and workplaces. IAGT is working with NYSERDA, Hannibal School District and ESRI to expand the School Power…Naturally program by using geospatial technologies to create statewide and regional educational activities to help students understand solar and wind energies as power producers.

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