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LiDAR and Terrain Services
IAGT offers a variety of LiDAR and terrain analysis services. To include FEMA compliant independent collection QA/QC and derived product development. IAGT has also pioneered options for freely available three dimensional viewing options for LIDAR and airphoto collections that offer an inexpensive and truly unique solution to making LiDAR data accessible to a large audience. For more information about IAGT’s LiDAR and Terrain Services, please visit our Terrain Products page.

On-site Weather Station
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IAGT has developed many custom tools, applications and mapping products that can be downloaded and are freely available. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please check the specific project page or contact us at info@iagt.org.


Other Tools

RIT FIRES Project Reports

Owasco Lake Buoy Data Feed

The Owasco Lake robotic buoy program was launched by IAGT as part of their ongoing work in the Finger Lakes region. The buoy is managed by the Upstate Freshwater Institute and provides daily data describing 7 water quality characteristics. A small meteorological station on the buoy also reports daily weather trends (see website). The buoy is deployed seasonally between the target dates of April 1 and November 1, and first began collecting data in 2005.

Buoys of this kind enable the routine collection of data vital to the development of an understanding of long term water quality trends for the proper management of a water body or system. With the ongoing lake stewardship efforts of the Owasco Watershed Lake Association (OWLA) and other organizations, the importance of collecting lake data is becoming widely accepted and there are a growing number of buoys deployed across the Finger Lakes region.

With the assistance of UFI, IAGT is now able to report the weather conditions at the buoy using the weather station interface below. We are providing this service to the community so that recreational users of the lake can better plan their activities, as well as demonstrate of how an integration of technologies can be used to monitor and better understand Owasco Lake and its watershed.

Live Owasco Lake Buoy Data

Data not currently available, will be posted in season.

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